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ELA 10: Societal Issue I-Search Paper

Learning Targets

  • Students will assess the value of various types of print and electronic information resources including databases, internet sites, e-books, and governmental resources.
  • Students will access, retrieve, evaluate, and use information in real-life situations.
  • Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information on complex topics from multiple sources and multiple formats to create new meanings.
  • Students will give credit to original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation.
  • Students will identify and evaluate more than one published perspective.

Database Off-Campus Passwords

iSearch Resources and Timeline

Step 1: Brainstorming and topic selection

1. Share your final topic selection with your teacher.

2. Do the KWE form over your topic.

3. Do brainstorming rotations and write questions and appropriate comments for each other's topics.

4. Create the overall research question and sub-questions surrounding your topic. Add these questions to the bottom of your sheet. Look at the W section of your KWE form to aid in this.

5. Introduce iSearch project.

6. Begin Part I of iSearch paper.

Step 2: Begin research and complete annotated bibliography

1. Set up Noodletools project and review annotated bibliography.

2. Review database resources

3. Review credible sources

4. Review other media sources

5. Review resources for how to cite various formats.

Step 3: Begin part 2 of iSearch

1. iSearch rubric and example

2. Review MLA in-text citations.

Databases and Online Resources

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223