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ELA 10: Born A Crime Project: Harms

Learning Targets

  • Students will be able to utilize database resources to help them find answers to their research topics.
  • Students will correctly cite their resources in MLA format.
  • Students will be able to paraphrase information from an article in a formal and understandable manner.

Database Off-Campus Passwords

Project Timeline

Day 1: Preliminary research

1. Set up a collaborative Noodletools project.

2. Review databases and search terms

3. Complete half-sheet on paper.

4. Compare citations with group members and insert articles into Noodletools. (Do not let articles overlap.)

Day 2: Begin note-taking

1. Explore physical textbooks in class. As you look over them, share the features you notice.

2. Review assignment sheet.

3. Have one group member make a copy of the graphic organizer and share with the rest of the members.

4. Begin on graphic organizer. CONTINUE TO PUT SOURCES INTO NOODLETOOLS!

Day 3: Writing the textbook section

1. Create a key for your in-text citations in MLA format. Make this shareable for all group members.

2. Finish your graphic organizer section.

3. Begin writing your formal section in the space directly underneath your graphic organizer (there is a space for each section.) 

Day 4: Writing chapter

1. Find a minimum of one picture for your section, using copyright-free images OR an image from one of the databases. Cite it in Noodletools.

2. With all of your citations in Noodletools, have one group member export your Works Cited.

3. Write your formal section.

4. If time, begin formatting your chapter with all the elements necessary.

Databases and Online Resources

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223