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ELA 10: Passion Project:van Loben Sels

Learning Targets

  • I can find credible sources that help me answer my research question(s) using both databases and websites.
  • I can cite sources correctly in MLA format.
  • I can critically analyze sources through an annotated bibliography.

Source Credibility Presentation

Database Off-Campus Passwords

Annotated Bibliography Timeline

Day 1: Source Credibility and Introduce Sources

1. Source credibility lesson in groups.

2. Create Noodletools project.

3. Review sources and search terms.

4. Start on your annotated bibliography.

Day 2: Finalize annotated bibliography

1. Finish finding 2-3 sources and writing about them in your sheet from Ms. van Loben Sels's Canvas page.

2. Using the questions from your sheet, write annotations about your sources in the annotations portion of Noodletools.

3. Export your Noodletools sources and annotations and submit to Canvas.

Databases and Online Resources

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223