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ELA 10: Russian Revolution Research

Databases and Online Resources

Database Off-Campus Passwords

Sample Outline

Sample Notecard

Assignment Work Days and Due Date

Step 1

1. Introduce assignment.

2. Complete graphic organizer with librarians.

3. Review search terms and input in graphic organizer.

Step 2

1. Sign up and set up Noodletools project.

2. Review Noodletools sources.

3. Set up outline and review Noodletools notecards.

4. Review databases

  • Remember your search terms!
Step 3

1. Designated work time for Noodletools sources and notecards.

2. Begin class with reviewing MLA 8 in-text citations.

Step 4

Learn about MLA 8 and complete container sheets.

Step 5: In class

1. Write papers with your ELA teacher.

2. Be sure to add your MLA Works Cited from Noodletools.

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