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Course Description

SS1230, SS1231 U.S. History, Understanding the Contemporary United States Since 1865

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 11 Credit: 1

Students will begin this year-long course studying the foundational themes in our nation’s creation, i.e.
creation of government, federalism, rule of law, etc. The emphasis of this beginning unit will be how
these foundational themes defined the nation in 1865. This prerequisite knowledge is a necessity to
understanding the contemporary United States and will be used as a building block from which to study
all future events. All themes will be examined through a philosophical and ideological lens, analyzing the
core of our representative democracy. This philosophical approach will require students to use historical
events as predictors of future policy and activity. Students will focus on international affairs and the future
of the United States in an international/global community. This course fulfills the United States History
requirement for graduation.

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