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Honors Biology: Biome Project

Assignment Guidelines

Video Requirements

Science Databases

Approved Sources

Sharing Google Docs

Biome Project Timeline

Step 1: Monday, 5/4-Wed, 5/6
  1. Open/share group notes and make sure everyone can collaborate.
  2. Create a NoodleTools Project and share with group members
  3. Group notes and references due to Canvas by 5/8 @ end of hour!
  4. Once group notes are submitted, begin storyboarding using resources linked below.
Step 2: Thursday, 5/7-Friday, 5/8
  1.  Complete the storyboard for your group's project, and include all necessary elements.
  2. Storyboard due to be checked @ end of hour Friday, 5/8!
Step 3: Monday, 5/11-Wednesday, 5/13 & Thursday 5/14
  1. Get brief tutorial over WeVideo

2. Film and edit your video!

Step 4: Friday, 5/15
  1. Export and submit your video to Canvas for your assignment and the discussion.  Be sure to add your References!
  2. Video due by end of hour Friday, 5/15!
  3. Submit your group's video to the Canvas discussion, and reply with two facts you learned to others' discussions.

Peer and Self Evaluation Form

Mrs. Bunse's Form is located on her Canvas!
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