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Honors Biology: Writing Your Paper

Learning Targets

  • I can write a research paper using formal language that is scientific and flows well.
  • I can create a thesis that encompasses the main point of my paper.
  • I can correctly use parenthetical citations so that readers can easily access my sources. 

APA Formatting: In-Text Citations

Writing Final Paper Timeline

In-Text Citations, Introduction, Thesis, and Body Paragraphs: Wednesday, Jan. 24th/ Thursday, Jan. 25th

​1. Learn about APA in-text citations

  • Noodletools
    • Export your References, so you can see and write down your in-text citations that will go with your paper.
  • APA Formatting Presentation
    • Be sure to apply these in-text citations to your paper!
      • Students who want feedback on these from a librarian may submit them to Canvas for a 0 point assignment.

2. Review introduction, thesis statement, and first body paragraph

Future Trends and Conclusion: Monday, Jan. 29th/Tuesday, Jan. 30th

1. Learn about how to write your Future Trends section and Conclusion.

  • Future Trends and Conclusion presentation
    • If you want a paper copy example of Future Trends, talk to a librarian!
  • Outline
  • Rough draft so far DUE February 2nd to Canvas with a MINIMUM of 4 paragraphs, including any appropriate in-text citations!
    • FEEDBACK WILL BE GIVEN OVER PAPER BY LIBRARIANS NEXT LIBRARY DAY--It is best to have a significant amount written for valuable feedback.
Feedback and Work Time: Monday, Feb. 12th/Tuesday, Feb. 13th

Librarians provide feedback on paper written so far.  All students will get a check-in.  The rest of the hour will be work time for the paper.

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