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This guide acts as a portal to all the resources available to the staff, students and parents at Blue Valley Middle School.

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Read&Write for Google Chrome™ - An Introduction


Read&Write for Google Chrome - A how to guide for students



Read&Write for Google Chrome Feature Overview



Read & Write for Google - Everything You Need to Know



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Read/Write is an App that is available to all Blue Valley Students.  Many teachers find Read/Write to be very helpful in a variety of ways.

It helps because: 

  • You can have something READ to you
  • You can use PREDICT text or use voice-to-text when WRITING
  • You can HIGHLIGHT research from an article to use later in your paper and organize it into a new Google doc
  • You can have a website read to you or SIMPLIFY the page to get rid of ads
  • You can AUDIO record yourself reading
  • You can ANNOTATE articles
  • You can use TEXT BOX to fill out .pdf assignments


So Read & Write acts like a piece of plastic wrap on top of your documents or websites and allows you to use all these tools to help with reading and writing.  It really makes things easier for anyone who likes to listen to things read, who doesn’t like to type, who doesn’t like to spell, who wants to fill out an assignment on the .pdf or who likes to organize their research.  Play around with it as much as you want!  ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS OPEN READ & WRITE after you open your article, website, or .pdf.  The tools available will be in a tool bar at the top!

Read & Write’s app should look like this!    


You also need the .pdf reader extension.  It looks like this!     

So try it out!  It’s pretty helpful!  AND REMEMBER….it’s a Google extension, so it likes google applications the best!


Email me if you have any questions!  I can help!!