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TAG Team

TAG Team  2021-2022

What is TAG Team?

TAG Team is a voluntary reading group that meets to discuss books they have read from the TAG Team list and posts comments about the books within a private Canvas class online.  In the spring, TAG Team members have the opportunity to vote for their favorite TAG Books and these books then become the “Trendy Twelve” books for the following school year. TAG Team members earn community service hours (2 hours for each book read), (.5 hours for each lunch meeting), and (.5 hours for online discussions within Canvas).


Who creates the TAG Team List of Books?

School Library Media Specialists within the Blue Valley School District read possible books over the summer and meet to discuss and select the final list of TAG books.


Who can participate and what are the requirements?

Any 7th or 8th grade student who commits to reading the list of TAG Team books as well as attending the lunch meetings and discussions along with posting reviews on the Canvas site can participate.  You must commit to reading twelve of the twenty-five TAG Team Books.  The final deadline for all books and voting to be complete is March 18th, 2021.  


All books are to be rated in the following manner:

5 = very highly recommended                2 = adequate, fair

4 = highly recommended                 1 = poor

3 = average                         0 = not appropriate


When does TAG team meet?

TAG Team will meet monthly in the library during lunch with Mr. Hume.  The first meeting will be .


How do I join TAG team?

Please complete the form indicating your commitment to TAG team and the requirements and return it to Mr. Hume as soon as possible.  You may fill in the online form, located at



Please join the Canvas “Class” where we will hold our Tag Team Activities.  You can join this group at this link:



Please sign up for the REMIND group in order to receive updates and announcements.

TAG Team 2018-2019 Books

2018-2019 TAG Team

List of Books



Notes Column

Alan Cole Is Not a Coward

Bell, Eric


Book of Lies

Terry, Teri


Even the Darkest Stars

Fawcett. Heather


Forever or a Long Long Time

Carter, Caela


Greetings from Witness Protection!

Burt, Jake


Lost Boys

Rosenblatt, Darcey


Mars One

Maberry, Jonathan



Reichs, Brendan



Segel, Jason & Miller, Kirsten



Gratz, Alan



Meyer, Marissa



Korman, Gordon



Balckburne, Livia


See You in the Cosmos

Cheng, Kack



Hautman, Pete



McGoran, Jon



Dawn, Sasha


The 57 Bus

Slater, Dashka


The Explorer

Rundell, Katherine


This is Our Story

Elston, Ashley


To Catch a Killer

Scarborough, Sheryl


TAG Team Information and Permission Slip

2021-2022 TAG Team Books

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