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BVMS LMC: Research

What Can the LMC Do For You?

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Blue Valley Library Catalog

Search the Blue Valley Card Catalog to find books!

The Big 6

Database Passwords

If you are accessing databases from home, open the document for passwords.


Hint: the Password to open the document is two or more of our school's mascot.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

Gale Virtual Reference Library






Your portal to Gale eBooks on a wide variety of topics.  This information has undergone a great deal of editorial scrutiny so you can count on its relevance and accuracy.


Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary Thesaurus

Search Tips

SIRS Issues Researcher

Global Issues in Context

Science Center

Culture Grams World Edition

Check History, Time Line, Government, and Famous People sections to find out the latest on elections, major current events, and notable people from each country.

Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South 


History Reference Center

Research databases
Limit Your Results

Databases from the State Library of Kansas

Click the Flag to access Databases provided by the State Library of Kansas.  No passwords necessary!

Kansas History

Kansas History

Johnson County Public Library Online Databases

Online Databases.  Click HERE to Access

You will need a Johnson County Library Card to Access these resources.

Citation and NoodleTools

What is citation?  Citation is a way to tell the reader of your paper where you got your information, the kind resource it came from and it can also tell the reader about the quality of the resources used.  One of the best tools to help you create a citation is NoodleTools.  The link to NoodleTools can be found at. 

You will need to set up an account.  In order to set up an account, you will need to joining User ID of bvms and a password of cardinals.  Then you can create your own account.  We suggest that you set up your account using your Blue Valley USER I.D. and Password because if you forget it, we can help remind you.  If you make up a new one, we can't look it up!

MLA and APA Citation Help

What is a citation?

A citation gives credit to the source you used for your research.

What is MLA?

MLA, or Modern Language Association, is a style used when crediting or formatting information. It is mainly used in English classes.

What is APA?

APA, or American Psychological Association, is a style used when crediting or formatting information. It is mainly used in Science and History classes.

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