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Blue Valley Middle School Library Media Center: Faculty

This guide acts as a portal to all the resources available to the staff, students and parents at Blue Valley Middle School.

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Common Core Links

Focus of Instruction

  1. What do we want students to learn? (This is the taught curriculum). 
  2. How will we know they are learning? (This includes formative and summative assessment). 
  3. What are we going to do if they don't learn it? (This supports intervention). 
  4. What are we going to do if they already know it? (This supports differentiation).

BVMS Faculty and the Library Media Center

The 2018-2019 BVMS New Staff

The 2018-2019 new BVMS staff members take part in "Welcome to Blue Valley" activities on August 1st.

Chelsie Farrell

Chelsie Farrell

6th Grade Science and Social Studies

Hometown: Fort Scott, Kansas

College: Pittsburgh State (BA); Science (K-12 MA Reading)

Degrees: K-6 Elementary Ed; 5-8 Science, K-12 Reading

Previous Teaching Experience: 4th Grade-Gardner, KS for 2 years.

Extracurriculars: Photography, FACS, Theater

Something Unusual About Me: I am obsessed with Astrophysics and Neil DeGrass Tyson is my personal hero!


Karri Mazzapica

Position: 7th Grade Science

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

College: Northwest Missouri State and MNV

Degrees: BS Elementary Ed and Master's ELL

Previous Teaching Experience: 17 years 5th-8th in a variety of content areas.

Extracurriculars: Watching KU Basketball!

Favorite Pastime: Reading

Something unusual about me:  I have a permanently broken bone.

Abbey Geraci

Position: 8th Grade ELA/SS

College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Degrees: BS in Elementary Education

Extracurriculars: Running/Exercise, Dance, Singing

Favorite Pastime: Reading and Running

Something unusual about me:  I don't go a day without eating peanut butter.


Maria Ross

Position: Spanish

Hometown:  Kansas City, MO

College: K State; Working on a Masters Degree in Modern Language at UMKC.

Other teaching experience: 4 years teaching Spanish at Pleasant Ridge Middle School

Favorite Pastime: Dogs, Netflix, music

Something Unusual about me: I went to a tiny private high school, Whitfield Academy.  Eight students were in my graduating class.

Kelsey Hasselbring

Position: PE teacher

Hometown:  Overland Park, KS

College: Avila University

Degrees: B.S. Middle School Education

Other Teaching Experience: Leawood Middle: 7 years   6th Grade ELA

Extracurriculars: Cross Country and Track

Favorite Pastime: Gold, Zumba, Reading

Something unusual about me:  My family owns an alpaca ranch. We raise, breed and show Suri Alpacas.  There are over 200 animals on our farm right now.

Jane Ashley Carosello

Position: 8th grade math and science

Hometown: Magee, Mississippi

College: Mississippi College

Degrees: Bachelor's Degree Elementary Ed Middle School Math and Gifted K-12

Previous Teaching Experience: 1st Grade, 5th grade

Extracurriculars: Family Fun

Favorite Pastime: Watching football

Something Unusual about me: Until now, I have never been out of the south.

Matthew Carlson

Position: Pre-Engineering

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

College: Emporia State University

Degrees: BSE in Social Studies, MS in Curriculum and Instruction

Previous Teaching Experience: Lansing Middle School

Extracurriculars: Robotics

Favorite Pastime: Soccer

Bill Hume

Position: Library Media Specialist

Hometown: Stover, MO

College: Undergrad: University of Central Missouri   Grad School: University of Missouri-Columbia

Degrees:  B.S.E. Earth Science 7-12 and English 7-9; MEd in Educational Technology; MA in Library Science

Other teaching experience: 1 year teaching M.S. English in Stover, MO; 16 years teaching middle school science in Blue Springs, MO; 12 years as a Library Media Specialist at Lee's Summit North High School; 1 Year as Assistant Professor of Library Science at the University of Central Missouri;  In addition, I worked as a part time reference librarian at the Metropolitan Community Colleges (Blue River and Longview) for 5 years.

Favorite Pastime: Reading, traveling, spending time with my family

Something unusual about me.  My wife and I share almost exactly the same names as my parents.  We are William and Julie Anne Hume.   My parents are William and Julie Ann Hume.  I just wanted to confuse future geneaologists!



SAMR - Explanation and Examples

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything has a page on SAMR

May resources are listed and different learning styles are addressed.

I think the following examples are easy to follow.