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Teen Issues You Tube Channel (7th grade ELA): Step Four: Screencast-O-Matic


Video Tutorials from Atomic Learning

Step Four: Microsoft Movie Maker

Ahh...the fun begins! You are now ready to make a movie. Read the Movie Maker Directions document to get started. You can find Movie Maker from the start menu of your computer.

If you need specific directions, there are videos from Atomic Learning located on the left hand side of this page.

SAVE your Movie Maker frequently. The program has a tendency to freeze.


Adding Music and Your Name

Go to the "Web 2.0" tab on the LMC homepage and look under "Sounds and Music". is a great site.

Once you have added your music, you need to add the last slide to your Power Point. This includes your first name, copyright statement, and music citation. You will need to save the slide as a "JPEG Interchange Format" file and upload it into your Movie Maker.

I found a mistake on a PowerPoint slide!

If you find a mistake on a PowerPoint, you will have to go back and make the correction. You will need to save "current slide" only instead of saving your entire PowerPoint again. Then upload the corrected slide into MovieMaker.

Saving Your PSA

Saving Your Final Project:

1.   While in the Movie Maker program, go to File.

2.   Click “Save Movie” > for computer

3.   Save it to the teacher’s drop box (in R: drive, under teacher’s name folder indicated by teacher), titled with the last name or names


Citing Music