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Teen Issues You Tube Channel (7th grade ELA): Step Four: Adding Pictures and Creativity


Step Three: Adding Creativity to Your Power Point

You are now ready to add color and pictures to your Power Point. You can change the background and font colors. You need to use at least a 48 size font. You might look at the student examples on this page. You will need a picture on all slides.

DO NOT add transitions or music to your Power Point. You will add this in Movie Maker.

Finding Pictures

There are several picture sites to find copyright free pictures located under the web 2.0 tab on the library site. You must cite each picture as you find it. You may cut and paste each picture directly on to your PowerPoint. Look at the sample end slide under documents on this page to see exactly how the pictures should be cited.

Saving Your PowerPoint

Proofread your Power Point one last time. Once you save your Power Point to Microsoft Movie Maker, you can't make changes. You will have to resave a slide and upload it again to Movie Maker.

The final part of step 3 is to save your PowerPoint slides as JPEG files. Createa a folder to save your pictures titled PSA pictures. A JPEG is a picture file so your slides will be saved as pictures and can't be changed once you have saved them. If you are unsure how to save your PowerPoint as JPEG files, see the handout under documents on this page.

Citing Pictures

Tips for Power Point

  • Use large font so it is easy to read. Start with size 48.
  • Use font and colors that can be seen.
  • Use one sentence per slide.
  • Do not add animated clip art or transitions on your Power Point.