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Newsletter, the library: March/April

In Case You Missed It...

In case you were unable to attend the Web 2.0 session on our March 11th in-service, the link to all the resources is here. The video below is also a nice introduction to the items we featured on our LibGuide.  If you have questions on anything or would like to incorporate some of these resources into your curriculum let us know.

Introduction to Web 2.0

Animoto vs. Jaycut

Creating a video is a great way to engage visual and kinesthetic learners, to encourage evaluation and synthesis, and besides all of that, it is just plain fun for students to create and present.  There are many types of video creation tools available, but not all are suitable for classroom needs.  Two of the best Web 2.0 video creation tools are Animoto and Jaycut. Here are the high points for each:


  • Quick & simple
  • Users upload pictures, choose music  & text
  • Free 30 second video, or longer with a classroom code


  • Advanced editing options
  • User controls length of images on screen
  • User provides all photos, video, & music

Let us know if you would like help incorporating one of these great tools into an upcoming unit or see some student samples!


Neat Sites

Teacher Spotlight

Dr. Jenson & Mrs. Dunn

Zoology students had the opportunity to choose a new animal for the Kansas City Zoo and prepare a formal presentation for a zoo board. Students used Grzimek's Animal Life and numerous other databases to gather information on their chosen animal. They also looked at national and international zoo sites for ideas.

Thank to these teachers for working with the library staff and using library resources to conduct the research portion of this exciting unit!