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Newsletter, the library: December

Over PowerPoint? Try these.


The following websites provide alternatives to PowerPoint.  If you would like to use these with your classes, let us know how we can help.  You are welcome to sign up to work with us in the library and utilize these resources.  

"Empressr’s intuitive features and tool tips help you select the text, images and multimedia (video and audio) assets you wish to use — making it a snap to create your story or presentation."

Create online posters where you can embed text, video, images, and audio.  Click here for examples. 

Create videos simply.

Add video, images, text, and audio creating short videos with cool transitions. 

Cool way to present ideas - like a mind map.

Create online books that can be presented full screen.  Images are provided (if needed).

Ethical Users of Information

In the library, we are very fortunate to work with many teachers and students at different times throughout the year.  Often, we notice that teachers may or may not require certain research skills (citing sources, parenthetical documentation, etc.) due to the fact that they may or may not know when those skills are being taught. 

In the library, we have been instructing students on how to cite sources with teachers collaborating with us on a variety of lessons in a variety of curricular areas.  When students use research, images or information in a project or paper, and that information is not their own, they need to cite the source to become ethical users of information.

"Whenever students cite a source, they are strengthening their writing/project.  Citing a source, whether paraphrased or quoted reveals that they have performed research works and synthesized the findings into their own argument"  (Virtual Salt).  

Today, citing sources is easy and important. The library databases create the correct citation for students that can easily be copied and pasted into their final product. With such sites as on the web, students are able to cite sources easily in APA and MLA formats as well.   

 If you have any projects or papers coming up and you would like us to cover any or all aspects of using information ethically, please let us know. 

In addition, we would be glad to assess the works cited/bibliography and the quality of sources used in the bibliography.  

Teacher Spotlight

Nate Winslow 

The Western World classes came in during their study of the scientific revolution to work on taking notes and paraphrasing. Students completed a group activity on how to paraphrase correctly and a flash tutorial on recognizing good examples of paraphrasing. Students then pulled information from articles on Enlightenment thinkers and paraphrased the information.

They did a great job working through some difficult material. Thanks to Mr. Winslow for focusing on this important area of researching.


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