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Newsletter, the library: February

Expect Quality of Us

Quotes - Evaluation of Sources

What does this mean?  More work for a teacher to do?

No, but if you collaborate with the librarians you have someone who is an “expert” in the citation area who can assess bibliographies for you and provide links to quality sources.

What happens if I don’t like to use the library?

Of course, we hope you don’t feel this way, but if you do, PLEASE do not stop expecting your students to complete bibliographies.   We can also create libguides with information for your students to access from anywhere, anytime.


Things to try:


 Include it in your rubric


* Let students know you expect quality sources: databases, print, nonprint, etc.


* Determine what sources you do not want students to use: “By the time most students reach 9th or 10th grade, their research should move beyond the encyclopedia they use for background knowledge. Older students may be expected to pick academic or peer- reviewed journals over  popular magazines such as Time” (Valenza).


* Notice “red flags” such as an AOL or Geocities site, which provides free creation of web pages.  Remember, anyone can create a web page - they do not have to be an expert in any field of study.


* Determine if the student used the online subscription databases that our district and school purchase just for student assignments.  These are high-quality sources that cannot be found on the “free web” (Google).


* Expect more out of your librarians.  We can assist you with helping students find quality sources and assessing their bibliographies.


Contact Cristy or Becca if there is anything we can do to help.


Tools for the 21st Century




Create a Mind Map from Text using Text 2 Mind Map.  See example above for a finished product.  Students do not need to login to use Text 2 Mind Map.

Neat Sites

Have You Read A Good Movie Lately?

Teacher Spotlight

Morgan Scanlon

Persuasive research was the focus for Ms. Scanlon's CA II classes in January. Students learned about topic choice, finding valid research materials, notetaking and paraphrasing, and creating a works cited. Their focus through numerous snow days was impressive!

Thanks to Ms. Scanlon for collaborating with the library to embed library research skills into the CA curriculum.