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Newsletter, the library: November

Social Media Revolution

Wall Wisher

Wall Wisher an online collaboration tool allows users to post 'sticky notes' with text, audio, video and links.  Educators are using this resource in a variety of ways.

See example Newsletter Wall

To use:

Create an account with Wallwisher.


Title your wall.  Choose a URL ( - for example)

Make your wall private or public.  (Public - anyone can add sticky notes.)


Examples include:

"Before the weekend arrives, I ask my students to post their questions or comments on the sticky note "wall."  Then, when we return to school, we start class by reviewing the questions and comments they posted" (Bryne 13).

Create a video wall.  Students contribute videos they find about a particular topic.  


Teacher Spotlight

Brad Thimm

Students in Biology used the Facts on File Science Center database to gather information about the carbon, nitrogen, or water cycle. They then created a multimedia presentation using Jaycut--an online video creator. Students integrated voiceovers, video, photos, and research notes into their final project.

Thank you to Mr. Thimm for being one of the first teachers to try out Jaycut--a great web 2.0 tool!


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