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Course Description

SS1206, SS1207 Advanced Placement U.S. History

This course earns a weighted grade and requires more in-depth study of the curriculum. Students should carefully consider the extra time needed for this more challenging course.

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 11 Credit:1 (Eligible for college credit)

Advanced Placement U.S. History is designed for highly motivated students. Participants survey United States history from colonial times to the present, emphasizing important social, political, cultural and economic forces that have shaped the United States. Extensive research, reading and writing are essential to success in this course. Students participate in simulations emphasizing democratic processes. Students demonstrate the ability to interpret a variety of historical and contemporary sources and to connect past trends with current issues. This course fulfills the United States History requirement for graduation. This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History Exam.

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