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AP US History: Westward Expansion

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Graphic organizers and photo analysis worksheet

Image Analysis Worksheet

Western Expansion

In an essay of no less than 700 words, assess the following prompt:

Assess the impact of the Morrill, Homestead and Pacific Railway Acts in regards to Native American political, social, and economic power.  What positive and negative consequences came from Westward Expansion and was it worth the cost?

Use at minimum two primary sources and two secondary sources. Rubric for grading is attached. Essay MUST demonstrate knowledge of all the primary resources within the writing. Exploration of websites will lead to graphic organizers and learning materials. You will have one class period and all of block to work on this assignment. It will be due Monday, January 26th and we will practice peer review with it. This is a multi-structured historical thinking skill assignment (think portfolio).

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