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AP US History: Civil War: Top Ten

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1.  Using specific evidence, defend to what extent each of the following was the PRIMARY cause of the Civil War.

2.  After defending each cause, rank the causes in order of importance with “1” being the most important cause of the Civil War.

3.  Provide justification for each ranking.

4.  Include a reference page in APA format.  You must have at least 3 references.


1.  You may choose the format you are going to use to complete this activity.

2.  It must be submitted to my “inbox” by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 24! Save your document with your first and last name.


To what extent was (the)    insert cause here    the primary cause of the Civil War?


I have provided you with 8 causes.  You choose 2 additional events for your list.

Missouri Compromise                      Slavery                            

Dred Scott Decision                         Bleeding Kansas

Abolitionist Movement                     Sectionalism

Election of 1860                              Nationalism