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Knights of Literary Reads!: Part III: Author's Research

Research Categories

You should have 1 Noodletools Notecard on each of the following sections, with the required minimum bullets:

Background information Author's Life (Family, School, Where/When Born):  (3-5 bullets)

Themes/Messages/Purpose/  Lessons: (3-5 bullets)

Quotes (Things the author says about life, writing, etc.): (3-5 bullets)

Influences on Author’s life notecard; 3-5 bullets 

Other interesting facts; 3-5 bullets (don’t repeat info you’ve already used)

Steps of Research

These are the steps to use when doing your research.

Remember, you will need to create a project in Noodle Tools and title it Author.

Step 1: Choose an author and get approved by teacher

Step 2: Identify best sources, using the sources we've provided

Step 2: Source first website you will use in your Noodletools notes

Step 3: Title all of your note cards according to the research categories and make sure they are attached to a citation

Step 4: Take notes: text talk, bullet ideas, own words, know the meaing of every word you write, define special vocabulary, notes cover information needed by category

Step 5: Get each note card checked when you complete it.  DO NOT WAIT TILL THE END

Author's Outline

Noodle Tools

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