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Knights of Literary Reads!: Part I: Like Try Why Knights

Steps for this Project

  1. Using the Like, Try, Why Outline document--Type a summary for each book you are using for the Like column. Spell check and save in a word document. Download a picture of your books and save your links. Save the files as jpeg.
  2. Then find at least 3 books to use in the try column and write down similarities.  Use NovelList to find new titles.
  3. Look in the library catalog and see if we own the title. If not, add it to the Like, Try, Why sheet at circulation.
  4. Open the Like Try Why Poster template save into your student folder. Complete your Why categories, and proofread carefully.
  5. Save as into your student folder and as a jpeg.  You will upload your poster to your Smore in Part IV.


1.   Time to put on your thinking cap!  What have you read in the past two years that you really enjoyed?  Is there a book that you've been waiting to read?  Brainstorm a list of three titles that you have read or have been read aloud to you that you enjoyed.  They may be fiction, nonfiction, or graphic novels.

2. Once you have a list of books, you will need to write a brief summary for each book you selected and why you liked it or think you will like it.  The summary should be concise and intriguing.  You want to hook potential readers!  This will help you compare the books in your Read vs. Try columns when you are ready to persuade readers in the Why column. Add your responses to the Like, Try, Why Outline.   Make sure to check your spelling and grammar.

3. Save the pictures of the book covers from NovelList into your file.  Do not copy/paste the picture.  You will need to right click save as to save into your my pics folder.  If you are doing this from home, you can paste into your google doc but you will need to save it as a jpeg in your file when you return to school.



When you search for the book on NoveList be careful of spelling. When you find the book in NoveList, make sure to click on the book cover to open the record.  

To the far right you will a column that says Read Alikes.  These are suggestions of books that have similar themes as the one you liked.  It will give you 9 suggestions most of the time.

 If you hover over the book cover, the information about the book will pop up so you can decide if it's a book you would like to read.  Read through the suggestions. Note: This process should be reflective!  Do not simply use the first result you find.  You need to read about the book and determine if it really is a good match and think about what you will say about it in the Why section.

Check the library catalog to see if we have a copy in the library!  This is important!  If we don't have a copy, add the book to our Like Try Why Notepad that is with Mrs. Harvey with the author.  However, if we don't have a copy students can borrow, it might not be the best suggestion.  Keep looking!  If you really feel like this book is THE BEST BOOK, check to see if other schools have a copy we can borrow!  If no schools have a copy, do not use this read-alike suggestion.  Start again!

When you find one you think you may like, click on the book cover and go into that record. Record the information for the TRY in your outline.  Title Author  Summary (description) and save the book cover as a jpeg to your documents library.  (Yes, you need to cite this information)


Now for the WHY.  Why do you think the "TRY" book sounds interesting? The WHY should be concise and intriguing.  You want to hook potential readers!  See "Like Try Why" examples for an idea of how long your summary should be.   Approximately 3-5 sentences to make readers excited about the selections. Use colorful adjectives and action verbs. Don't spend very long on this!  The idea is to get down what's exciting/interesting about the book and what the the LIKE and the TRY have in common.  This is where you PERSUADE readers to TRY your recommendation. This is theWHY!   Sell the book! It is not a book summary or review.  You want to entice readers to select this book.

Get your Outline checked by a teacher before moving on.


Works Cited

Create your citations for each picture/description you used:

Make sure to have your works cited on your outline and on your poster

Follow this format for each image: (you will need to change the date to today's date)

Works Cited

“Legend by Marie Lu.” NoveList Plus. Ebsco, n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013.

“Partials by Dan Wells.” NoveList Plus. Ebsco, n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013.

Title of book and author in quotation marks. NoveList Plus in italics period, n.d. (=no date) Web period today's date month year period.

Google Docs

Google Docs login  Google Docs Tutorial

Sign in to Google Docs using your Gmail account.

Visit the Google Docs page and enter your Google Username and Password and click the Sign In button. The main Google Docs page appears.

If desired, click the Upload button to upload existing documents.

On the Upload menu, click Files to upload files. A dialog box appears so you can browse to the folder containing the files you want to upload, and select them. After selecting files click Open. You can edit compatible documents you upload or simply share them.

Or click Create to create a new document.

Once you create a new document of any type, you’ll encounter a software environment that you should find familiar if you’ve worked in any type of productivity software such as Works, iWorks, or Microsoft Office. Name your document by choosing File→Rename.

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NoveList Plus

Absolutely great tool for book selection, both fiction and nonfiction!  Lots of great tools to help you find the perfect book!

UserName: bluevalley

Password: bv229 

Google Book Search

Google Book Search

Outlines and Templates