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Knights of Literary Reads!: Smore it all together!


The Outline of Your Smore

The following list is what your Smore needs to contain and the correct order.

  1. Title
  2. Subtitle-First Name Last Initial- Example: John W.
  3. About Me
  4. My Goals
  5. My Favorites
  6. Blog Entry
  7. Like Try Why-Upload as a picture
  8. Author Spotlight-Upload 3 pictures of your author's novels
  9. Origins and influences of author
  10. Author's books, genres, messages/themes
  11. Quotes by your author and explanations
  12. Trivia-Interesting facts
  13. Works Cited-Noodle Tools bib. and URLs for Pics.


Login to Smore

Login to SMORE

Username: Blue Valley Email

Password: knights

Start a new flyer

Choose blank flyer

Use the given outline to create your flyer

Copy/paste your answers from Reader's Profile

Upload your Like Try Why

Copy/paste your answers for the Spotlight on an Author

Don't forget your works cited!


When you are finished-click Ready to Publish

Email your link to your teacher.