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7th grade Argumentative Video Essay: Home

Argument Essay

Argument Essay Video from Shmoop

Argumentative Writing from start to finish Video tutorials

What is an Argument Essay? TED-ed


Viedo Essays -- Thinking Thoughtfully, Critically, and Creatively

Why Video Essays?  Video essays bring together writing, editing, rhetoric, and digital and media studies.

  1. There’s novelty. Having students produce a video essay taps into their creativity in new ways, and can be used to help them think through a topic just as deeply as a more traditional essay.
  2. A good video essay will be concise, but getting an essay into a short film requires a good deal or planning and editing. That’s another important rhetorical skill—the art of revision.
  3. A video essay requires that students think in both words and images, stretching their communication skills.

Learning Targets

Library Standards:

  • I can access information effectively and efficiently.
  • I can distinguish between fact and opionion.
  • I can use an appropriate graphic organizer to arrange and manage gathered information.
  • I can understand the intended audience and the time allotted impact the product and presentation of information.
  • I can cite information from a variety of sources including print and non-print sources.

ELA Standards:

  • I can write effectively for a vareity of audiences, purposes, and contexts.
  • I can write a persuasive piece of writing.
  • I can use effective research practices.
  • I can express information in my own words.
  • I can cite references for all information used.