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PSMS library home

(click on the panther to go to databases )


 When you click on the Log In/My Account link in the banner (top right), you will automatically be authenticated. There may be a slight delay during the authentication process. If you are on a different device or you are not automatically logged in, you will enter your BV student ID # and the pin will be your 4 digit birthdate (mmdd).  For example, if your birthday is January 1 your pin = 0101


username:  = a 9 digit id #
So, if your badge # is: (using 1 as the sample badge #)
2 digits then your username = 900000011
3 digits then your username = 900000111
4 digits then your username = 900001111
5 digits then your username = 900011111

pin = last four digits of your home phone # on file with the district



Click on image

click on image

Personal id = BV username

Password - BV ID #

If you're prompted to revalidate your Noodlebib account:

school/library = psms

password = panthers

click on image

Other tools (Google is NOT a Database)


  Google advanced

Research Process

List Keywords & Synonyms relevant to your topic from broad to narrow.

Determine Essential Question(s).

Determine all possible information sources.

Start Research.  Hunting & gathering phase!  Indiscriminately collect information.

When you have several sources, read through the information highlighting important terms, facts, statisitics, etc. related to your question(s).

Evaluate information for usefulness and relevance. 

Re-work essential question(s) based on information you find.  Did the information you found support your original thinking or do you need to adjust your working thesis?  Does your thinking about the topic need to change?  Or do you need different resources?

Research more!Question everything!  Evaluate every information source!  Triangulate data and cross check facts.  Is this particular information source the right fit for your task?  Look for POV (point of view), Bias, qualifications of author(s), transparency of peer review,

Gather assets--music, pictures, charts, diagrams, etc. when applicable.

Cite all sources and assets.