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Eyptian Research (6th grade SS): Home

After researching a topic on Egypt, students will use a digital storytelling tool to share with other students.

Egyptian Research

This research unit will focus on how civilizations from Ancient Egypt impact the way we live today. As you research, you should think about the following questions in connection to your topic.

1. Geography: How does geography impact the development of culture?

2. Religion: How does religion influence culture?

3. Achievements: How do achievements reflect a culture?

4. Politics: How does a political system influence a culture?

5. Economy: How does economics encourage the growth and development of culture?

6. Social Structure: How does social structure meet or fail to meet the needs of a society?


Calendar of Events


Day 1: Monday, Oct. 12

Introduction discuss notetaking and paraphrasing

Day 2: Tuesday, Oct. 13

Choose topic and begin notes

Day 3 and Day 4: Oct. 14th and 15th

Continue taking notes, paraphrase in your own words

Day 5: Friday, Oct. 16th

No School

Day 6: Monday, Oct. 19th

Type facts in a word document

Day 6-8th: Tuesday, Oct. 19th-Thurs. 21st

Cut and paste facts into Zooburst; Find pictures to add to book

Due Date: October 28th

Present Zooburst books to class

Learning Targets

·         I can use text features to find information in nonfiction books.

·         I can cite a nonfiction book source.

·         I can take notes in phrases using my own words.

·         I can transfer my notes into organized sentences and paragraphs.

·         I can understand how civilizations of the past impact the way we live today.(GRAPES: geography, religion, achievements, politics, economy, social structure)

·         I can present my research using a Web 2.0 tool.



What is a ZooBurst?

A Zooburst is a Web 2.0 tool that allows you to tell a digital story using a 3D pop-up book.