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Eyptian Research (6th grade SS): Student Samples

After researching a topic on Egypt, students will use a digital storytelling tool to share with other students.

Geograpy of Egypt (Geography)

password: parrot1

(Notice how the author used the drawing tool feature and changed text font color.)

Egyptian Polytheistic (Religion)

password: parrot1

(Notice the author's title page and detailed research.)

Mummification (Religion)

Ancient Temples of Egypt (Achievements)

Hieroglyphics (Achievements)

Papyrus (Achievements)

The Egyptian Dynasties(Politics)

password: parrot1

(Notice author's creativity.)

Trade Routes (Economy)

password: crane14

(Note the author's use of lots of clip art.)

Trading in Ancient Egypt (Economics)

Trades in Ancient Egypt (Economics)

Ancient Egyptian Trade Routes (Economics)

Every Day Life of an Ancient Egyptian (Social Structure)