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Background Information:  Extreme Couponing has been around for a long time, but has recently gained fame due to the show on TLC.  The show highlights real people who “coupon” for a living.  “Couponing” consists of researching, cutting, organizing, and utilizing coupons in a way that ensures getting a lot for very little.


General Directions:  Your task is to “purchase” as many products as possible for the least amount of money.  In order to do this, you will need to track sales ads, cut and organize coupons, research retailer’s coupon policies, and create a detailed shopping list that can be used to “purchase” your items.  Your total budget is $500, retail. You may purchase grocery and general merchandise products only – no computers, furniture, etc.  You will have the entire quarter to complete this project, but you need to be sure NOT TO PROCRASTINATE. 

Basic Requirements: 

1.     Create a presentation using technology (Power Point, Prezi, etc.) to:

a.     Explain your approach to this project.

b.     What problems did you run into and how did you resolve them?

c.     What did you “purchase” and how much did you save? (actual and %, overall and per item)

d.     What coupons did you use and how many of each?  Why did you choose them?

e.     Compare different retailer’s coupon programs.  How are they alike?  Different?  Which did you prefer and why?

2.     You must “purchase” a minimum of 25 different grocery and/or general merchandise items.

3.     Savings percentage needs to meet or exceed 40% of a $500 budget.

4.     Items, prices, coupons, and percent discounts need to be itemized and totaled for each retailer.

5.     Retailers must be listed (minimum of 3) and their coupon policy and ad policy explained in detail.

6.     Coupons must be organized and categorized, and the method of organization should be fully explained.


Due Dates

Each Monday during the quarter will be set aside to work on this project in class.   IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME TO CLASS PREPARED TO WORK THESE DAYS – DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MATERIALS AT HOME!!!  There will also be certain deadlines that you will be required to meet.  The schedule will be as follows:


Monday, Oct. 22 – Project introduction

Monday, Nov. 5th – Retailer analysis rough draft is due for critique.

Monday, Nov. 12th – Retailer analysis final draft is due.

Monday, Nov. 19th – Product selection and coupon rough draft due for critique.

Monday, Nov. 26th – Product selection and coupon calculations final draft is due.

Monday, Dec. 3rd – Presentation preview and critique

Monday, Dec, 10th – Presentations are due.