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A Christmas Carol: Home

A Christmas Carol


Tiny Tim

The role of Tiny Tim will be the artful artist.
You will use some form of artwork
to represent a significant scene or idea from the reading.

Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past will be the literary luminary.
Your role will be to point out interesting
or important passages within the reading.

Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present will be the capable connector.
Your role will be to find connections between the reading material
and something outside the text, such as experience,
a topic studied in another class, or a different work of literature.

Ghost of Yet to Come

Ghost of Yet to Come will be the discussion director.
Your role is to write questions that will lead to discussion by the group.


Scrooge is the word wizard.
Your role is to discuss words in the text
that are unusual, interesting, or difficult to understand.
Find 3 to 5 examples of figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification, etc.)