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A Christmas Carol: Directions


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Monday, November 26:

·         Receive Books

·         Groups selected

·         Lib Guide Reviewed

 Start Research (see research section of LibGuide) and Discuss as a group how to be prepared for the presentation on Friday, November 30.

Tuesday, November 27:

·         Student timeline for reading

Wednesday, November 28 – Thursday, November 29th:

·         Research (see research section of LibGuide)

Friday, November 30:

·         Present Research Backgroung

Monday, December 3rd

·         read Stave 1 and take Cornell Notes

·         Begin reading the novel

·         Roles you must keep in mind

-Scenes (Tiny Tim)

-Important passages (Christmas Past)

-Connections to the text (Christmas Present)

-Questioner (Ghost of Yet to Come)

-Vocabulary (Scrooge)

Each student will read the Stave by themselves and take Cornell Notes

Each Chapter (Stave): look for new vocabulary, figurative language, symbolism, questions that come to mind, summary of the chapter).

In a literature circle, after everyone has read Stave 1, discuss using the roles you determined at the beginning.

Change roles for each Chapter (Stave) and discuss at the end of each Stave. (Ex: If you are Tiny Tim for Stave 1, you will move to Christmas Past for Stave 2, and Christmas Present for Stave 3, etc.)

Tuesday, December 4

·         Discuss Stave One with Parent Guidance

·         Homework:  Read Stave 2, complete Cornell Notes and complete role

 Wednesday, December 5:

·         Discuss Stave Two with Parent Guidance

·         Homework (Due Friday): Read Stave 3, complete Cornell Notes and complete role

 Thursday, December 6: 

·         View Play

 Friday, December 7:

·         Discuss Stave Three with Parent Guidance

 Monday, December 10: 

·         Read Stave Four, complete Cornell Notes and complete role

 Tuesday, December 11:

·         Discuss Stave Four with Parent Guidance (Early Release)

·         Homework:  Read Stave 5, complete Cornell Notes and complete role

 Wednesday, December 12: 

·         Discuss Stave Five with Parent Guidance


Thursday, December 13-Friday, December 14

·         Reread Stave One and Five

·         Add to Cornell Notes using a different color to show what you learned from rereading the book.  Make notes from textual support (3 at how he is at the beginning and 3 how he has changed in the end). 

Monday, December 17- December 18

·         Write the essay (Essay due on December 19). 

 Wednesday, December 19

·         Wrap up/ Self Reflection and Peer Edits on Group