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60's Research Project (2012): Home


Monday, September 16th: introduce project and begin research

Tuesday, September 17th: continue with research

Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th: block day for research and typing script which includes 10-15 facts that answer the 3 essential questions

Friday, September 20th: Continue to type script and find 5-10 pictures if script complete

Monday, September 23rd: research notes and script due at beginning of the hour and continue finding pictures

Tuesday, September 24th: Begin Voice Thread

Wednesday, September 25th-Thursday, September 26th: finish Voice Thread

Friday, September 26th: project submitted into teacher's dropbox

Final Product Example


Research Project Expectations and Points

Library/Lab:  We expect that you will spend the time in the library/lab being:

·         Respectful (of Mrs. Loffredo, library materials, each other)

·         Quiet

·         Productive

·         On-Task

Written Work: 20 points total

You will have to keep track, type and turn in your list of 15+ facts.  These facts should match the facts you present in class!  This is worth 5 points. You should hand this in Tuesday, October 2.

You will have to have a typed script for  your Photostory presentation with your citations/works cited for Mrs. Golden/Mrs. Nance/Mr. Chugg before you start looking for pictures and recording. This is worth 15 points.

Presentation: 20 points total

You will present for 1 ½ to 2 minutes; your presentation must fall in this timeframe or you will lose points.

Your Photostory should have 10-15 fact-based slides in it, based on the MINIMUM of 20 collected facts that you collect as you research.

You should have an introductory slide, with your question on it.

You should have a list slide that gives the citations/sources for your research.  The citations should be correct.

You will be scored on how interesting and engaging your presentation is.  Problems during the presentation (that can’t be blamed on the computer AT THE TIME) will be subtracted from your score.