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60's Research Project (2012): Step Two: Britannica Encyclopedia


For home use the username is bluevalleysd and the password is learn.

How to Use the Online Encyclopedia

Step Two

1. Open a new Word Document and put your header in MLA format. Add your research question for the title of the document.

2. Search Britannica Encyclopedia for your topic. Cite your source in MLA format and put your notes underneath the source. Your notes should NOT be in complete sentences.

3. You may use journals and websites approved by Britannica Encyclopedia.



Take notes using Britannica Encyclopedia.


Rubel, David. "Presley, Elvis." Britannica. Britannica, 2011.

      Web. 13 Feb. 2011.


1.       RCA Records(Elvis’s music company)promoted him into a huge sensation

2.       appealed to teenagers of the 1960s, appearance and music

3.       swiveling his hips, received a lot of criticism for dancing this way

4.       “king” of rock n’ roll

5.       dead for over 30 years but many visit Graceland