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Globalization Final - Modern World History: Home

Project Overview

Students will choose ONE of the following three options for their Modern World History final. For each project, students will conduct research and create a final product:

  1. Genealogy Migrations Project - Students will track ancestors' immigration to the US and explain their story within the context of globalization and migration patterns.
    • Final product: Family tree video
  2. Economic and Cultural Globalization Project - Students will explore economic and cultural globalization by tracking the making of a t-shirt and researching exports from a country of their choosing.
    • Final product: Presentation method of your choice (Canva presentation, WeVideo, etc.)
  3. Refugee Journey Project - Students will explore one refugee crisis and track a refugee's journey, focusing on how refugee crises contribute to globalization.
    • Final product: Google Earth Tour


**Each project has its own tab at the top of this libguide. Click on the specific tab for the project you choose to find out the specific instructions for each one.

Project Dates

Your final has two parts:

  • Part 1: Research, due Friday, 5/17 @ 3:30 pm (submit Google Doc to Canvas)
  • Part 2: Final product, due Tuesday, 5/21 @ 3:00 pm (submit project link to Canvas)

If you use your time wisely in class, you have plenty of time to do the required tasks.


**Due dates are the same for every Modern World History class!**

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