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Body Systems - 7th Grade: Welcome


MS-LS1-3: Use argument supported by evidence for how the body is a system of interacting subsystems composed of groups of cells.

Chapter Readings

18.1   Circulatory System

18.1   Repiratory System

18.2   Digestive System

19.1   Skeletal System

19.1   Muscular System

20.1   Nervous System

Due Dates

Research:             November 18 (Beginning of Hour)

Project Due:     November 20           (End of Hour)

Presentations: November 23 & 24



This LibGuide has been adapted with permission from Ms. Barbi Simon, Blue Valley Middle School, Overland Park, Kansas.

The content is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

Mrs. Hassig's Tips for Project

Human Body Interactions


Project Requirements

You are part of a world renowned team of doctors.  Your expertise in the body system draws many patients to your care.

Each team will be assigned a patient profile of your patient and what that patient is experiencing. You goal is to diagnose the patient with all potential illnesses based on symptoms presented.

To begin, you will need to take notes and do some research on which systems could be impacted by the symptoms. Your team of doctors will create an interactive presentation that you will share with the other teams of doctors at a conference on Monday 11/21 & Tuesday 11/22. For your presentation, your team will be using one of the technologies described below. You will also need to be able to answer questions about the body systems work independently, as well as how they interact with other body systems, and how to treat the symptoms your patient has exhibited.

Important Links

Choice Board Link

Google Form

Research Notes:          One member of your team needs to save this document to their Google drive and share it with the other team members.  All members need to save it in their science folder on Google drive.

Rubric: Use this as a checklist as your are creating your presentation.

Group Assignments

Important Links