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Body Systems - 7th Grade: Library Databases

Database Passwords

If you are accessing databases from home, open the document for passwords.

Hint: The Password to open the document is "two or more of our school's mascot."

Finding Articles Using Library Databases

Use library databases to find articles and other types of information to help you learn more about the Digestive System.

Library databases have reliable, credible information.

Try them - you'll like them! 

Remember to cite your sources using MLA format.  Don't forget - the databases cite for you! 

Library Databases vs Websites

There are differences between using a database and a website.


  • Not everyone has access to library databases - they are expensive.

  • All information in a library database has been published which means that the sources have all been found to be reliable and accurate.

  • Articles are written by experts including professors, journalists, and others who are highly intelligent, have a mastery of the english language and have done extensive research for the article they've written.

  • Information found in a library database can't be searched for in Google.


  • Most people have access to websites and access is free.

  • Articles on the web can be written by anyone -  you don't need special credentials.

  • Many websites do not contain valid information - there is no one person responsible for checking validity.

  • It's UP TO YOU to make sure that the information on a website is accurate!


Here are some common questions you might have regarding library databases.


Can I use the databases at home?

      Yes, the library databases for this project will be available from home. You will need a username and a password for any databases used at home.

What is full-text?

      Full-text is an option that you can select when searching. It means that you can read the entire article. All of our databases are full-text.

What is a keyword search?

A keyword search is the most common way to start the search process. Keyword searches 3 areas: subject headings assigned to articles; citation information at the end of articles; the first 50 words of an article.
If your search terms are found within the first 50 words then the article will come up in the list of results or articles for you to review.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

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