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Mythbusters: Edit Clips

7th grade Scientific Inquiry Project

Selecting, Moving, and Trimming Clips

1.   Click on a clip in the project library and a yellow bounding box will appear on the clip.

2.   Use the cursor to grab the yellow frame and adjust the selection.

3.   Click on the selected clip and drag it into the Project Window.

  • A green bar or plus sign will appear to indicating that the clip will be added to the timeline.

4.   To trim or edit a clip, move red playhead to point where you want to trim or edit the clip.

5.   Click on Clip in the menu and select Split Clip, Trim to Selection, or Trim Clip to cut your clip as desired.

  • Note: Right-clicking on the clip will also bring up a menu where you can Split Clip or Trim to Playhead.

Watch all the steps explained from above.

Clip, Video and Audio Adjustments

1.   To open the Clip, Video, or Audio Inspectors, do one of the following:

  • Select clip and clip on the gear icon to select either Clip, Video, or Audio Adjustments. [shown below]
  • Select clip and click on the   icon.
  • Double-click on the clip in the Project timeline.


Clip Adjustments

1. In the Clip Adjustments window, you may change the following: 

  • Clip Duration
  • Video & Audio Effects / Filter
  • Change Clip Speed
  • Reverse Clip
  • Stabilization & Max Zoom
  • Rolling Shutter 

Video Adjustments

1. In the Video Adjustments window, you may change the following: 

  • Levels
     - Exposure
     - Brightness
     - Contrast
     - Saturation
  • White Point / White Balance

Audio Adjustments

1. In the Audio Adjustments window, you may change the following: 

  • Volume
  • Ducking
  • Fade In & Out
  • Reduce Background Noise
  • Equalize