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Titanic Scrapbook: Step Five: Rescued

Eyewitness Report

Use at least 5 pieces of textual evidence from the interviews of eyewitnesses during the inquiry into the Titanic's sinking. Choose a person other than the one you were assigned and write an eyewitness account from their perspective. Bold 5 pieces of textual evidence directly quoted from the inquiry. 

The Crew:
 Lightoller, Charles (2nd Officer) 
Ray, Frederick (Saloon Steward)
Bride, Harold (Marconi radio operator)
Fleet, Frederick (L:ookout)
Hichens, Robert (Quartermaster)
Frederick Barrett (Fireman)
Weikmann, A.H. (Barber)
Jones, Thomas (Seaman)
Bishop, Mrs. Helen
Harder, George
Shelley, Mrs. Imanita
Stengel, Hentry
Boxhall, Joseph
Osman, Frank
Walter, Brice
First Class Passenger:
 Gracie, Archibald
Peuchen, Maj. Arthur G.
Ismay, Bruce (President of White Star Line)
Crosby, Catherine
Minahan, Daisy
Peuchen, Major Arthur G.
Smith, Mrs. Lucien
Smith, George Otis
Ryerson, Emily
Woolner, Hugh
Widener, Eleanor
Third Class Passenger:
Abelseth, Olaus
Buckley, Daniel
Prickard, Berk

Read the transcript from the following website: 

Sample Eyewitness Reports