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Titanic Scrapbook: Step Seven: Argument

Argumentative Writing

Choose one of the following questions to answer:

1)      Could more people have been saved?

2)      Why did the Titanic sink?

3)      Who was at fault for the Titanic sinking?  (Captain Smith, Guarantee Group of Harland & Wolff (shipbuilders), Bruce Ismay (Director of the White Star Line), Thomas Andrew (ship's architect), Captain Lord (Captain of Californian)

Use the following directions to set up your paragraph.

Topic Sentence: Answer the question and provide a reason.

Supporting Evidence: Include 3 pieces of textual evidence to support your argument. After each piece of textual evidence, explain how the evdience supports your claim.

Opposing Viewpoing: You must address the opposing viewpoint.

Conclusion: conclude a conclusion sentence that summarizes your argument.

Provide sources for your textual evidence.