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The Titanic: Task One: Intro to Primary Sources

Understanding Classes

There were 3 different classes on the Titanic: First Class, Second Class, Third Class.

Task One

Look at source 1. This is a list of some of the passengers who were killed in the sinking.

  • What clues are there from this list that this is the First Class passenger list, not the Third?
  • Most of the people on this list do not have an occupation listed, why do you think this is?

  • This list shows HJ Allison, his wife and his daughter. We know that JJ Astor travelled with his wife Madeline, but she is not listed beside him. Why do you think this is?
    Source 1

Task Two

Look at Source 2. This is also a list of passengers killed in the sinking.

a. What countries have these people come from?
b. How many different occupations are there listed?
c. What other differences can you see between the 1st and 3rd class lists? Why do you think this is?

Source 2

Task Three

3. Look at Source 3a and b. These are images of the Titanic's cabins in 1st and 3rd class.

  • Compare the two types of accommodation shown here. Write three sentences to describe the differences.
  • What does this tell you about differences between rich and poor at that time?
  • Which of these cabins would you have preferred to stay in? Give your reasons why.


Source 3a                                          Source 3b