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The Titanic: Task Two: The Inquiry

Titanic Inquiry Website

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Setting Up Google Docs

Adding Textual Support


Your task is to unravel the clues from primary source documents as to why 1,517 people perished on the Titanic. The US Senate completed an investigation and you will be reading the actual interviews that were conducted. Each member of your group will need to add 6 pieces of textual evidence on to a Google Document. You need to put quotes around direct quotes, identify who stated the quote, and initial your addition. You will add a citation for the website to your document. As you are adding evidence, look for similarities and categorize the facts.

Example: (quoting your source indicates you copied the information)

Mr Harder said, "Our boat was managed very well. It is true this officer did want to go back to the ship, but all the passengers held out and said: "Do not do that. Do not do that. It would only be foolish if we went back there. There will be so many around they will only swamp the boat." And, at the time, I do not think those people appreciated that there were not sufficient lifeboats to go around. I never paid any attention to how many lifeboats there were. I did not know". VL

  Mr Harder said, "This is the way it was." in response to being asked if there were cries for help, and the passengers would not permit Pitman to go to help them. VL

Inquiry Group 1: First Class Passengers

 Bishop, Mrs. Helen

Bruce Ismay

Douglas, Mahala

Harder, George

Shelley, Mrs. Imanita

Stengel, Henry

Inquiry Group 2: First Class Passengers

Gracie, Archilbald

Crosby, Catherine

Minahan, Daisy

Peuchen, Maj. Arthur G.

Smith, Mrs. Lucien

Smith, George Otis

Inquiry Group 3: First Class Passengers

Bishop, Dickinson

McGough, James

Smith, Lucien

Ryerson, Emily

Widener, Eleanor

Woolner, Hugh

Inquiry Group 4: Crew

Andrews, C.E.

Bright, Arthur

Crawford, Alfred

Lowe, Harold

Oliver, Alfred

Walter, Brice

Inquiry Group 5: Crew

Boxhall, Joseph

Buley, Edward

Hardy, John

Lightoller, Charles Herbert

Osman, Frank

Ward, William

Inquiry Group 6: Crew

Archer, Ernest

Frederick, Fleet

Hichens, Robert

Perkis, Walter

Pitman, Herbert

Ward, William

Inquiry Group 7: Others

Abelseth, Olaus

Cottam, Harold

Evans, Cyril

Knapp, John

Pickard, Berk

Smith, George

Inquiry Group 8: Others

Balfour, Gilbert

Buckley, Daniel

Bride, Harold

Knapp, John

Lord, Stanley

Moore, James

Inquiry Group 9: Third Class

Abelseth, Olaus (3rd class)

Walter, Brice (Seaman)

Buckley, Daniel (3rd class)

Evans, Oliver (Seaman)

Moore, George (Seaman)

Prickard, Berk (3rd class)