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8th Grade Project for Human Rights: Using Noodletools

Creating a Project in Noodle Tools

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Creating a Citations

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Creating Notecards

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General Information

Noodle Tools is a web-based set of tools that students and teachers can use to assist in the research process.

Teaching tool

  • Teaches evaluation and analysis; not simply a "machine" that automates the process.
  • Extensive help for each citation element at the point of need.
  • Guides learner through difficult decisions about the source material.
  • Fast, personal responses to individual citation questions.
  • Generates parenthetical reference for each citation, with additional advanced help.
  • Checks for mistakes in punctuation, abbreviations, and more.

Promotes ethical research

  • Ease of use and expert advice gives students confidence to cite even the trickiest sources.
  • Online notecards capture author's words, images, graphs, and original formatting.
  • Software guides student through paraphrasing and prompts for original thinking.
  • Built-in editor enables annotation of notes, improving comprehension, analysis and reflection.
  • Notecards linked to citations to ensure proper attribution.

Assessment for learning

  • Students share working bibliographies and notecards with teachers for feedback.
  • While viewing a student's citation form, teacher can insert comments and ask questions.
  • Statistical graphs analyze quantity, variety and currency of sources.
  • Tutorials
    Follow these tutorials to review or learn more about Noodletools.