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8th Grade Project for Human Rights: Component #1 - Public Service Announcement Component

Step One and Two: Selecting Facts/Images and Storyboard

The first step in creating your public service announcement is narrowing down the 10-15 most powerful facts that you want to include in your video.  These can be facts you found, or facts your group members found.  Write the 10-15 facts you've chosen to include in your video on the attached sheet found below.

The second step is to locate and save images to be used in your video.  Because public service announcements share a ton of information in a short period of time (2 minutes), you should include images that communicate powerful emotions and ideas.  Quality images can catch a viewer's attention and tell a story all at once.  Create a file in your pictures file called PSA.  This is where you should save all images you find.

  • When you save the pictures in your file include a name for the picture as well as the website it was found.  For example:  tent city found on Flickr.  You do not need to include the entire website address.
  • You will need to include your picture citations in your Noodle Tools bibliography.  Watch the video to find out how to do this.
  • Save all pictures as .jpg in your PSA picture file.

Your second step in this process is to create a storyboard of your public service announcement that will serve as your rough draft.  You need to map out the phrases, statistics and images you want to use in your video.  Use the storyboard provided below to create your rough draft. When it is complete, have it approved by Mrs. Harvey or Mrs. Trimble and then proceed to step 3.

Step Three: Create Your Animoto Video

Once your storyboard has been approved by either Mrs. Trimble or Mrs. Harvey you are ready to create your Animoto.  Follow the steps below:

1.  Watch the Animoto instructional video by clicking on the link below.  It is easier to use Animoto in Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer if you computer has Chrome installed on it.

2.  Create your account by going to  Whatch the video to the right to show you how to set-up your Animoto account.  YOU MUST INPUT THE PROMO CODE, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE A 2 MINUTE VIDEO!!!

Here is the code:  a4e142d34

3.  Use the following attachment for details on how to use Animoto to create your video.


Adding Your Movie to Edmodo

The document attached below will provide you with information on how to embed your movie on Edmodo.

Other Fair Use Picture Websites

 Below is a list of sites that you can use to find quality images.

Adding Music

Use music that has the appropriate tone for your movie.  Make sure you site your music in Noodle Tools.


Citing Your Pictures in Noodle Tools

View the movie below for instructions on how to cite your pictures in Noodle Tools.

Citing Your Music in Noodle Tools

To cite your music use the web site source.  Type in the information about the web site.  Down at the bottom where it says annotation enter the name of the song and the artist.  Then click submit.  Refer to the video below for detailed instructions.

Saving a PowerPoint Slide as jpeg

Open the attachment below for specific information on how to save your PowerPoint slides as a jpeg.

Adding Your Bibliography Page to Your Movie

View the movie  below for information on adding your bibliography to the end of your movie.

Fair Use Copyright Statement Slide

Save this PowerPoint slide as a jpeg and import it into your movie.  It should be the very last thing we see in your movie.

PSA Grading Rubric

Below is the rubric that will be used when grading your public service announcement.  You should print the following rubric off and check to make sure you have everything included in your psa before posting it to edmodo.

Setting Up an Animoto Account

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