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8th Grade Project for Human Rights: Component #4 - Playlist and Photographs

Using Grooveshark to Create a Playlist

Click on the video link below to view a movie on how to use Grooveshark.

Citing Your Music

We are not requiring you to cite your music sources if you obtain all your songs from Grooveshark.

How to Embed Your Grooveshark Playlist on Edmodo

The document attached below will explain how to embed your Grooveshark playlist on Edmodo.


Find 5 different photographs that accurately depict your issue.  They should be photographs that communicate powerful emotions and ideas.  They should catch the viewer's attention and tell a story all at once.  You will need to cite the source from where you found each picture on your Noodle Tools bibliography.  When you post the picture to edmodo include the website with the photo.  You also need to include 2-3 sentences explaining why you chose the picture.


This picture of Dora the Explorer and Boots accurately depicts my subject of childhood favorites.  Dora is my 2 year old's favorite cartoon right now.  He loves to watch it and will sit in front of the tv for hours if Dora is on.

Citing Your Picture Sources in Noodle Tools

Click on the link below to watch a video on how to cite your picture sources in Noodle Tools.