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Earth/Space Science: Colonization: iMovie Project

Assignment Details and Learning Targets

  • I can evaluate pros and cons of moon colonization vs. another option (Mars, satellite, etc.) and use evidence to argue why the my choice is the best option.

  • I can create an engaging and coherent movie using a variety of media resources.

  • I can collaborate with group members to plan and execute a movie.

  • I can select media that is copyright friendly and cite my sources correctly.

iMovie Basics

Due Dates

3/1-2: Complete movie template and decide what props/costumes you need
3/3: Find videos and images- save these in EasyBib; begin filming
3/6: Film/edit video
3/7: Edit video and upload to Google Drive
Final Due Date 3/7: Share public link in Dr. Shah’s Resource drive (paste in a Word document with all groups members’ names at the top).  Print your Reference page and turn it in.

Royalty-Free Multimedia

Example iMovie

iMovie Planner

Click here for the link.

Sharing a Public Link in Google Drive

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