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What is Science and how does it work?: Home

What is science?

1.       There must have a section on “What is science?”
2.       There must be a section explaining how science is done.
3.       You choose three of the following topics to include on your poster:
a.       How science, mathematics and engineering and technology affect our world.
b.      What is meant by “scientific method” and how is it used?
c.       What is the scientific meaning of the words fact, hypothesis, theory, law, and evidence?
d.      What are scientific arguments and how are they constructed?
e.      What are limits to science?
f.        What is the “natural world” that science studies?
g.       Describe at least four different branches of science.
h.      How are predictability and testability important to science?
i.         Pick a scientist and briefly describe her/his work.  Then explain how this fits your definition of “what is science.”
j.        If you have a topic you would like to include instead of one of the above, you may with my prior approval.
4.       All posters must be of standard size. Posters will be sent to the district print shop.
a.       You must have your name and hour on the front of your poster.
b.       You must use at least four colors and everything must be typed.
c.       You must have at least three pictures, images, illustrations, graphs or table to illustrate your poster.
d.       You must cite the source of your information. If you use more than one source, each should be cited.
e.       Your information should be displayed with an appealing design layout. It should be neatly done with no spelling or factual mistakes.
5.       All the requirements must fit on one PowerPoint slide.

Due Date

Assigned Thursday, September 4

Due Friday, September 13

Saving Your PowerPoint Slide

How do I save to the "inbox" folder?

1. Go to file --> Save As -->

last name_first name