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Mystery Project: Home

6th Grade (Mr. Chugg)

Mystery Definition

A mystery is a fictional story, usually realistic, about a mysterious event which is not explained or a crime that is not solved until the end of the story to keep the reader in suspense.

Mystery Project Directions



  • You need to complete the tic-tac-toe board on the back page. Everyone has to complete the activity in the middle square, but you may choose the other two projects. You need to make sure they complet a line of three (Tic-tac-toe).
  • Each writing task needs to be at least one, well developed, thoughtful paragraph with textual support and should be completed in MLA format.
  • All of the writing tasks are worth 10 points.
  • All of the writing tasks are due in final draft form by              . However, you may submit drafts early.
  • The project in the middle square has its own form. The form can be found  under documents on this site. This document should be used to complete the activity.