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Blog #1 Directions

1st Blog for Sutton/Golden:

How do Atticus’ dealings with Mrs. Dubose bring out different aspects of his character and/or develop those we’ve already seen?

1st Blog for Berman/Tavernaro/Rosen (title your blog "Blog #1".)

How do Atticus' dealings with Mrs. Dubose bring out different aspects of his character and/or develop those we've already seen?

1st Blog for Nance/Trimble/Bollinger 4th hour:

  • Describe a time when you felt like someone needed to “crawl around in your skin” in order to understand you better.
  • Is there anything cruel about Dill’s game of “Getting Boo To Come Out?”  Who might the children be hurting?  Explain.

Blog #2 Directions

Golden/Sutton: Label your response "blog #2".

Choose a minor character and explain his/her purpose to the plot/themes/characters in TKM.  Possibilities include: Lula, Reverend Sykes, Dill, Miss Maudie, Boo, Miss Fisher and Miss Stephanie Crawford.

Blog Guidelines

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Posting Comments:

1. NEVER give out ANY personal information.  Don't use names of real people (including yourself), place, addresses (street or email), phone numbers etc..

2. Use appropriate language for school.  No slang, vulgar language, derogatory comments, obscene comments, swearing etc..

3. Write in English without text slang or abbreviations and use complete sentences; all responses should be written using conventional English.

4. When disagreeing with someone, do it in a polite and respectful manner.  Talk about topics, not people. For example: I respectfully disagree, you make a good point, I support..

5. Focus on the learning topic.  This is not a social blog.

6. Anything quoted, paraphrased or copied from another source MUST be cited.

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