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History of Measurement

Years ago people came up with standard length measures, but they didn't all agree on one system.

The Imperial System (which uses yards, feet, inches, etc to measure length) was developed over hundreds of years in the UK, then the French developed the Metric System (metres) in 1670, which soon spread through Europe, even to England itself in 1963. But the USA and a few other countries still prefer feet and inches.


Directions for Town Conversion

The newly elected Mayor of your town has decided that it is time to join the rest of the world and adopt the Metric System.  Since each one of you lives in this city, you will need to do your part to make this dream a reality.

Each member of the group will select a townsperson they represent, and brainstorm all of the areas in their life that will have need to be altered in order to make your city fully metric.  Once you have determined which things your townsperson will be responsible to convert, get down to business and make it happen. 

Examples of Townspeople:

High School Football Coach                    Grocery Store Manager                      Architec

Director of Transportation                      School Principal                                 Gas Station Owner

Chef                                                         Baker                                                 Travel Agent

Teacher                                                   Post Office Manager                          Home builder

Detective                                                 Interior Design Specialist                  Athletic Club Owner

Landscape Designer                                Painter


You should research 5-10 items that your person will need to convert in order to comply with the Mayor’s decision.  Choose a weight, size, or distance for each of your ten items in standard measure and then convert that measure into metric.  You will then create an illustration, advertisement, brochure, before and after poster, or some other way of featuring the changes that you have made.  For example, you could make a travel brochure with the distances listed in kilometers instead of miles.


1). Why do you think the Mayor wanted to adopt the Metric System?


2). Do you agree with the Mayor’s decision?  Why or why not?


3). What are some potential benefits for changing to the Metric System?  


4). How long do you think this process would have taken in real life? Explain.

Chart for a Gas Station Owner


Item to Convert

English (Imperial) System

Metric System



 70 m/h

 112.7 km/h


 gasoline tank size

 20 gallons

 75.7 liters


 tire size

 21 inches

 53.34 centimeters