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Blog #1

Directions: Choose 2 of the 3 questions to answer. Incorportate the question into your answer. Your answer should be a good paragraph response (5-7 sentences). Remember you want others to respond to your blog.


Title your entry "Blog #1".


1)    What do you feel strongly enough about that you would be willing to risk your life?


2)    Is war necessary or inevitable?


3)    How do you feel about submitting to authority when you do not have the same beliefs?

Blog #2

Title your entry "Blog #2". Remember to select the book you are reading when you create your entry. This will allow you to find other people that are reading the same book.

Answer the following questions:

1)  List two possible themes for your book.  Support with evidence.  Comment on two blogs of people who are reading the same novel.


2)  What part of your book do you find interesting or worth recommending.  Give reasons.

Creating a Post

Blog Rules

This blog can only be viewed by 6th grade students at OTMS. It will also be viewed by Mrs. Rieke, Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Loffredo. These blogs are for academic purposes so please respect the intentions of the assignment. Postings will be approved by one of your teachers and may be removed or excluded if deemed innapropriate.

Posting Comments:

1. NEVER give out ANY personal information.  Don't use names of real people (including yourself), place, addresses (street or email), phone numbers etc..

2. Use appropriate language for school.  No slang, vulgar language, derogatory comments, obscene comments, swearing etc..

3. Write in English without text slang or abbreviations and use complete sentences; all responses should be written using conventional English.

4. When disagreeing with someone, do it in a polite and respectful manner.  Talk about topics, not people. For example: I respectfully disagree, you make a good point, I support..

5. Focus on the learning topic.  This is not a social blog. This is not a place to "shout out" to your friends.

6. Anything quoted, paraphrased or copied from another source MUST be cited.