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How to Use Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Learning Targets

Where in the world is...

Step One: Definitions

Use your yellow packet to find these definitions.


Relative Location

Absolute Location



Step Two: Places, Everyone!

You will receive a set of Place Cards and a chart to keep track of facts and relative location. You will use Britannica Online Encyclopedia to determing the relative location of places on the card and a fact. You must use your own words! Do not copy directly from the sources.

You will need to find 2 facts from the place card, 1 fact from the encyclopedia, and the relative location.

For example:

Eiffel Tower

2 facts from place card: It was built in 1889. It stands over 300 M.

1 fact from encyclopedia: The Eiffel Tower was built of open lattice rod iron.

relative location: Paris